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My life has always been

rooted in movement.


What started as dancing and twirling down the hallway in my parent's house, turned into a full-time career in Pilates and fitness. 

I had always been completely enthralled with all things movement — dance, sports, anything outdoors, and just whatever allowed me to never sit still. As an adult, I needed that to translate into something more than just the person who loves working out every day or who teaches a few fitness classes as a side gig. That wasn’t enough. I wanted to be entirely immersed in it. I didn’t always know how, but I knew that movement would be a defining force in my world. 

I studied dance in college, danced professionally in New York, London and Boston after graduating, and then slid into teaching fitness classes at 6 a.m. before my “real job” as a newspaper reporter. I’d spend two hours with my soul on fire, then head to the dressing room and trade out my leggings and sports bra for dress pants and a blouse. So many of those mornings I said to myself, “Some day, I just want to be able to keep the leggings on.”

Now? I keep the leggings on.


I spend my days with my hair up, constantly chasing that high you get from a really great workout.


To me, moving your body is the greatest feeling in the world and I want to help everyone find that feeling.

However, I’m not naive enough to think that every person feels natural or totally comfortable moving their body. For so many people, it feels impossible to make exercise or any movement a consistent part of their daily routine. Maybe you ride the ups and downs like a roller coaster — crushing it some weeks and completely falling off the wagon the next. Despite what it might look like, I have been there.

But you know that feeling you get after you've worked out a few days in a row? You feel stronger, more confident in your body and in yourself, you have more energy, you feel less pain and less achy in your joints and muscles? 

I am here to help you harness that feeling — and to keep it with consistency.

“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy.” Joseph Pilates


I think that is something the whole world needs a constant reminder of. You are in control of how your body feels. We’re meant to move and movement is meant to feel good. And that is the goal in every single class that I teach.


The quick resume-recap

  • Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Certification (500 hrs)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Performance Studies 

  • Danced professionally in New York, London and Boston

  • Started teaching in 2015

  • Club Pilates TRX Suspension TrainingLeslee Bender Barre Above TrainingTrigger Point Training

  • Forme Barre Fitness

  • C_Method Barre, C_Method Form

  • Xtend Barre, Xtend Suspend (TRX)

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