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5 Core Exercises (that don't feel like core exercises)

Did you know these exercises are actually working your core?

We all have a love/hate relationship with core work. But, building a strong core is essential for all the movement we do.

When you think of core work, do you normally only think of your "abs" and traditional ab work, like crunches or deadbugs?

Your core actually includes a whole lot more than just your abdominals.

We won't dive into all the different muscles and areas of your core today, but your core activates and builds strength during more exercises than we realize.

A sneaky way the core often shows up? Stabilization. While you may feel one muscle on fire in a particular exercise, your core is running over time in the background to stabilize the spine and entire trunk.

These exercises in the video below are sneaky-core exercises – you probably didn't even realize you were building core strength while doing them.

Give them a try, with the mindset and attention more on your deep core, and see what you feel or how the exercises change.


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