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The Secret to Success: A Balanced + Consistent Workout Routine

Real results come from time, not quick fixes

With one quick YouTube search, you can find hundreds of gimmick-y workouts that rope you in with an easy & fast way to results:

“15 minutes to flatter abs!”

“Eliminate back pain in this ONE workout!”

“Build muscle in just 5 days!”

The reality? Total bull.

Real results, lasting results, come with time and consistency. And staying on track is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to forming habits for a consistent workout routine. If you want to see real results with your body and how you feel, find a movement practice that you love and know you can stick with. That’s the real key to success.

To stay consistent, you need to find balance.

What would it look like if you put down your phone and actually got 7-9 hours of sleep every night? If you took a walk outside every day? If you ate your vegetables, but ALSO ate the cookie when you wanted it? If you move your body in a way you love — and I don’t mean hours on the treadmill if you hate it — I mean riding your bike or kayaking or taking a dance class? If you drank more water AND had a few glasses of wine with your friends? If you actually shut your computer off at 5:00? If you challenged yourself AND allowed yourself to rest? If you moved your body and also found the beauty in stillness?

I think life would look pretty damn good. It would feel pretty damn good.

You don’t need a complicated reset.

Simplicity, balance, consistency — that’s where you want to be and where you see real, sustainable change in how you feel.


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