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A virtual Pilates studio for people who want to

get stronger, ease pain

and finally make movement a consistent part of their life.

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​I work with all different kinds of people - people who are experiencing the aches of getting older, new moms looking to rebuild their core, the desk-dweller who spends too many hours hunching over their keyboard, people who are rehabilitating from an injury, and the weekend warrior who wants to keep hiking mountains.


But every person I work with has one thing in common: They know that consistent and intentional exercise can transform how you feel — both physically and mentally — and they want to work to feel the best they possibly can.


Specifically, Kristen Giddings Studio is a virtual Pilates studio that offers unlimited access to a library of on-demand Pilates classes. The classes use low-impact, intentional movement to build full-body strength, increase flexibility and enhance balance.


The end result? Enhancing your entire quality of life. All your movement — from everyday activities like walking up and down the stairs, to physical challenges like running, hiking, skiing, dancing— all become easier, pain is alleviated, and you feel better and more confident in your body.

Want to wake up tomorrow morning feeling less achy and with more energy?

As a Kristen Giddings Studio member you get,



New classes released every Monday, including 45-50 minute classes, as well as shorter, stackable classes ranging from 7-30 minutes



Unlimited access to a library of Pilates classes, all easily searchable by length of class, props used, and muscles targeted.



Take the guess work out of planning your workout — gain access to a suggested Weekly Workout Plan. And got questions on your form or what classes are best for you? I'm always here to chat.



An energetic Pilates teacher and life-long mover. 

Training and working as a professional dancer put a lot of strain on my body. I learned first hand how this style of movement and exercise can transform how you feel.

Because yes, no matter what your age is or what you do for work, you do not have to live with low back pain, hip pain, overly tight neck & shoulders, or whatever discomfort you might be feeling.


I'm here to help you feel the best you can in your body.


Ready to relieve your low back pain and finally feel good in your body?

Try these 3 beginner-friendly exercises to strengthen your core and glutes – and transform how you feel.

1. Alleviate Low Back Pain
Do you feel that low back pain is just a normal part of getting older? Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be. These three exercises, done consistently, have the power to completely change how your body feels.

2. Improve Your Entire Well-Being
Pain impacts your entire life – you don't sleep well, your stress increases, you're cranky and don't want to socialize. When you alleviate your pain, you improve your entire well-being and overall quality of life


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Real Experiences, Real Results

I did my first boxing class in about a year and a half. I stopped because of time and my body was falling apart (knees/shoulders - I’m old). Being consistent with your classes has made all the difference! My shoulders are more controlled/stable when I’m throwing punches. And of course the overall core awareness/control doesn’t hurt! So thank you!!


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